U-Con was a success!

"The Tragedy of Othello"

We played The Tragedy of Othello with some new friends and had a great time!  One of the groups had a suggestion for the game which was to allow players to trade in their cards between Acts if they want to.  We gave it a shot by allowing it for a nominal fee and it worked well.  We'll consider adding this to the gameplay options.

The first batch of six complete game came in!

The first test order of six games arrived and we're ecstatic with the look and quality.  I sent a copy off to the art designer for his review of the final look with the goal to evaluate the need for any color changes.  It can be tough to make final choices based on what comes off of your printer.  Now that we have the professional printing, this final review can be completed. We will post updated packaging photos soon, so stay tuned!

Next steps

With one copy off to the designer and one copy remaining with us for showing off and playing, that leaves four to send off to testers.  We have a large list of potential testers and are refining it.  We expect to have these sent out before 12/13 so we can start generating more feedback.  After the designer reviews the look of the current printing, we'll take any edits and get another small print run done.


We are targeting the end of February for the Kickstart campaign for The Tragedy of Othello.  Stay tuned for more  details!