About No Drama! Games

We design card and board games based on the world of Shakespeare

For us, as for Hamlet, the play's the thing!

"The Tragedy of Othello" is a Tragic and Treacherous Shakespeare-themed card game

In The Tragedy of Othello, you and your opponents are actors auditioning for the lead role of the villainous Iago, trying to impress the casting director with your ability to embody Iago’s treachery and deceit!  You will play script cards from the cast of characters to gain points as you advance Shakespeare’s script, and play staging cards to disrupt the play of your rivals. Also play mind, character and spotlight tokens to strategically improve your position.  When you control the lead character in each act, your opportunities to gain points increase. You will want to control Iago as much as possible in Acts I–IV. Then control Othello in Act V, so you can strike the final tragic blow! 

Alas, opportunities exist to steal points, so take heed:  opponents playing the other characters may try to upstage you! The actor who accumulates the most points at the end of Act V wins the game by stealing the spotlight and landing the role of Iago!

No Shakespeare knowledge required.   

"The Tragedy of Macbeth" is a Macabre and Murderous Shakespeare-themed card game

Based on Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, you and your playing partners cooperate to try and defeat the power-hungry Macbeth! Steal just enough tokens from Macbeth’s hoard to win individual Acts. Yet don’t take too many, or there won’t be enough for the group to steal in subsequent Acts! Witness Macbeth blindly follow the prophecies to his demise.  Collect the ingredients for the Weird Sisters' potion and see the parade of apparitions on display for Macbeth. Score more points as a group than Macbeth and victory is yours! Coop and PvP versions in development. No Shakespeare knowledge required.